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Travel with animals abroad

Travel with animals abroad

  • You can bring a cat or dog onboard a SAS flight if you have made a reservation for it in advance. Contact SAS Customer Contact Center to book a space for your animal as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours after booking) as space is limited.
  • When you travel with your pet in the cabin, the cage/bag is considered your carry-on bag and you cannot bring any additional carry-on bag onboard.
  • Kittens or puppies must be at least 8 weeks old. Kittens under 13 weeks must also have a veterinary certificate stating they are approved for transportation.
  • Guide dogs or other service animals (such as rescue dogs) always travel for free in the cabin. You may take one service animal per person.
  • Include the cage dimensions and total weight (animal + cage) when booking so SAS can determine if there is room for the cage in the cargo hold on the desired flight. You will be notified within 24 hours on weekdays whether there is space for the cage. The size of the cargo hold depends on the type of aircraft flying the particular route & flight.
  • You always pay a fixed price per cage & per route. Prices
  • Other pets besides cats and dogs are welcome to fly with us, but will be placed in the cargo hold.
  • When traveling with pets, you must fill out a form before departure. Fill and print it out & take it to the airport. It can also be completed at the airport. The form is not required for domestic travel in Denmark, Norway & Sweden.
  • In certain cases, there are specific conditions that must be fulfilled when taking a pet to another country. Check them when you book your ticket & ask at the respective country's embassy when you apply visa for Vietnam. You will need proper documentation about the animal's health for entry & transfer for all countries during the flight. Provide the animal with a microchip or tattoo where applicable, as well as an animal passport and visa when traveling through or to the EU.
  • Restrictions on the transport of animals in the cargo hold apply during the following periods on flights (not applicable to already made bookings):
  • To or from all destinations on flights operated with either CRJ or ATR aircrafts during the period 15 June – 15 August 2018
  • On all flights from Athens to Scandinavia during the period 15 June – 15 August 2018
  • Exceptions apply to/from the UK/Ireland.



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